Twin Falls Upper Cervical Selects for Phone Service

Tech Strategies is pleased to announce that Twin Falls Upper Cervical has selected our team to provide hosted phone service, through our new cloud based telephony service. They made the decision to switch to our services and forgo using traditional phone service from the local phone company. After comparing the products and features offered by to that of the local company, they realized that everything was the same, if not better, through One of the biggest things that wasn’t the same is the amount of money spent every month for their new phone service.

Instead of having to spend a fortune out of pocket, they were able to keep an extra $74 per month stashed away for other expenses. Who doesn’t love saving money every month and being able to get the exact same services for a fraction of the cost? Most of the time, customers save an average of 60 percent off their regular bill every month. The savings are truly phenomenal and the level of service provided with this hosted VOIP is something that simply cannot be measured in terms of how great they are.

Thanks to the new hosted phone service, your business can use the voicemail to email feature and save all of your messages in one convenient location. Multi-alert 911 means you will never have to worry about being able to reach someone in your time of need. Once you have the chance to experience the difference with, you will understand why so many people are making the switch. The line of features are amazing and your business will benefit immensely. Join Twin Falls Upper Cervical and start saving money every month on your bill, while still receiving all of the same services that you have come to know and love. Give us a call today (888.944.0031) and see what can do for you.

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