Tips to Protect Your Smartphone

With the increasing popularity of smartphones nowadays, more and more people are also falling victim to security threats like viruses, malware, spyware, privacy invasion and loss of confidential information. Given the dual use (for personal and work purposes), smartphones are an attractive target for hackers and criminals to retrieve sensitive information from. Moreover, as most smartphone users are still ignorant about the data security risks or are adopting a nonchalant or negligent attitude towards this issue, this only makes it even easier for the hackers or criminals. A recent smartphone security survey by the Ponemon Institute, commissioned by AVG Technologies, found that most users are not aware that confidential payment information on the smartphone could be transmitted without their consent, or that some apps could contain specialized malware designed to steal credit card or online banking details.

In order to avoid having to bear the financial or emotional consequences of having your smartphone hacked into, there are actually several simple measures that you can take to better secure your smartphone.

1. Lock your phone.

This simple step can save you a lot of heartbreak later. Simply by making your smartphone to lock out after an active period will prevent any kind of opportunistic unauthorized access.

2. Install anti-virus software / Update your OS regularly.

Just as you would not use your desktop or laptop without any anti-virus protection, do the same for your smartphone. Alternatively, by having regular operating system updates, you can be assured of the latest security features to protect your smartphone.

3. Be careful when downloading third party apps.

As you never know what other things these apps might contain, it is best to only download those from reputable and certified sites. In addition, think carefully before allowing certain privileges to these apps.

4. Backup your data frequently.

In the event that your smartphone becomes incapacitated due to physical damage or some other reason, you will find it useful that you have a backup of your data. This could be done either via a vendor-provided service (for online storage) or a third party app.  By utlizing a email solution that syncs your smartphone your contacts, calendars and emails are constantly backed up.

5.  Use a hosted email solution that provides smartphone security.

By doing so, not only do you get the latest security features to prevent any viruses, spam and phishing emails, the system’s integrated data backup also allows you to retrieve your information easily in case of emergencies. It is like a two-in-one solution.

Hopefully, with these measures in place, you can be more assured that the information in your smartphone, whether it is personal or work-related, will be securely kept where it should be.

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