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Three Reasons You Need to Take QuickBooks to the Cloud

Taking your QuickBooks to the cloud is tantamount to locking your family fortune away in a hidden fortress that is guarded 24/7. While you probably have your company’s books on a local machine in the office, what would you do if there was a flood that corrupted your data? What if the machine was stolen or your office caught on fire?

When you consider these possibilities, it is easy to see why an increasing number of businesses are trusting their data to the cloud. 8888 casino In addition to the enhanced security and loss prevention, you don’t have to spend your money or time on maintenance. Everything is done for you, which your accounting department is sure to appreciate. Even if you haven’t thought about going with a cloud-based QuickBooks server, when you learn about just a few of the benefits, you’ll probably begin considering it. اين يلعب سواريز

Increased Reliability

Even the most basic computer setup can result in serious consequences for a company. For example, payroll and billing can be completely thrown off by a simple system issue. When you have a surplus copy of your data stored in the cloud that you can access in less than a minute, you’ll definitely sleep better. Having complete access to your data is a crucial component of successful business operations. After all, imagine what would happen if a customer called and you couldn’t access his information immediately.

Keep in mind that even an expensive server hosted in a colocation facility only works if the data center hosting it is operating normally. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. For example, numerous companies located in the northeastern part of the United States found this out when Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012 and caused massive power outages. If these companies had redundant backups of their data stored, a common feature of cloud hosting, they would’ve still been able to log in and get things done.

Decreased Costs

Think about your current IT costs. Now, imagine what these costs will be when your business grows by a factor of two. With every new resource, the demand on your company’s IT infrastructure increases, and is often multiplied with each new hiring phase you go through. When you opt to keep QuickBooks and other crucial business software on local machines, it takes plenty of man hours to back up, maintain, and update your software. With TSI, we take care of everything for you and you don’t have to spend a single dime keeping your software updated. Your only worry is keeping your books updated with the latest information.

When you have redundant storage, you have instant access to all of your information anywhere in the world. لعبة كوتشينة Best of all, you can be certain that it is safe and always available. All of these things are done without you having to hire a new employee or assign to your current staff to do it, which will allow them more time to focus on their current duties.

Easy Access

One of the big problems with local installation of any business software is that it can only be accessed at the local system. This could be a huge problem if you’re at home or away on business and need information that is stored on the local QuickBooks system. You could potentially access the machine, provided it is on and able to accept connections or log on from a secured online site. TSI’s servers are up and running 24/7/365. There are no vacations or naps. They’re always open, so you can be sure you will have access to your data regardless of where you are in the world.

Unfortunately, most small businesses don’t have this luxury. In most cases, a small IT department is only available at certain times during the day. In other instances, an on-call associate may have to travel out to the business location to service a system that is down.

When you have trusted your QuickBooks server to the cloud, you never have to worry about reliability, increasing costs, or lack of access.

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