Ten Reasons to Move Voice Communications to the Cloud

The flexibility and accessibility of the cloud is a huge advantage for small and medium size businesses. The range of services available lets even the smallest business compete with larger companies by staying up to date on the latest technologies. Business VoIP (Voice over IP) in the cloud is one such technology that your business can leverage to realize outstanding voice communication functionality without decimating your bottom line. Take a look at the following 10 reasons why it makes good fiscal sense to move your business’s voice communications to cloud-based VoIP:

  1. VoIP in the cloud offers simple-to-use voice communication tools blended with an array of features that, prior to the cloud, required hefty cash outlays for equipment and support, effectively putting them beyond the reach of most SMBs.
  2. Every aspect of your business will benefit from increased productivity simply by integrating your VoIP service with your existing CRM. Incoming calls from customers are identified based on the information already in your system. Your CRM database is accessed to make outgoing sales and service calls without the need to search for customer contact info, saving time and frustration for you and your employees.
  3. Hosted business VoIP lets you take the office with you. With the voicemail to email feature, you can receive all your messages directly in your inbox in a wav. file format so you can listen to them on your chosen device. Find-me, Follow-me lets you receive your business calls anywhere; send calls direct to your mobile, your home or elsewhere. Your VoIP’s Auto-Attendant feature gives you a multi-lingual 24/7 answering service so you never miss a critical call again.
  4. Both you and your employees will appreciate cloud-based VoIP features such as call pickup, letting anyone answer a call in another office; call parking, when there’s a need to switch offices while on a call; BLF (busy lamp field) support that makes it easy for a receptionist to keep track of and field calls; call recording that’s great for keeping a record of conference calls (another feature) and phone meetings.
  5. When you choose cloud-based VoIP, there’s no expensive new PBX phone system to buy, as your existing data network is utilized via SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). Installation is as easy as downloading security-hardened software on your current hardware, or connecting a pre-configured hardware appliance supplied by your VoIP provider.
  6. Whether you have an in-house IT department of one or more employees, or you outsource your IT administration, they can manage your voice communications using your VoIP provider’s web interface, reducing downtime and saving your business money.
  7. With features such as MultiAlert911, there’s no longer a concern that using VoIP will leave you helpless in case of an emergency. In fact, this E911 gives you a greater degree of safety with its real-time alerts via email, text, and voice with “Listen-In,” that lets you authorize individuals to hear a 911 call as it’s happening.
  8. Cloud-based VoIP comes with complete privacy assurance thanks to its incorporation of call encryption using TLS protocol; since it’s implemented right on the provider’s server, it’s both secure and hassle-free.
  9. Choosing hosted VoIP in the cloud lets you tailor your voice communication service to your exact needs, and it can be adjusted and changed as your business expands, without any disruption that could adversely affect your day-to-day operations.
  10. Your business will benefit from tremendous savings by avoiding the need for on-site systems, equipment upgrades and costly service contracts. Choosing a hosted VoIP provider gives you cutting edge technology without the headaches and the high cost.

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