Ten Reasons to Move Document Storage to the Cloud

In today’s increasingly mobile and competitive environment, streamlined efficiency is a necessity, which makes the cloud an essential component of any smart business strategy. كرت اونو Taking your business to the next level by moving your document storage to the cloud with Tech Strategies Private Cloud Storage offers many advantages and can have a positive impact on your productivity. Here, we’ll take a look at the top 10 reasons why you and your business should make the leap:

  • Storing your files on Streamed Files gives you complete control of the latest version of your documents in your own private cloud. You instantly eliminate the headache of searching for previous versions of any document, even if it is months or years old. Keeping track of and viewing changes that were made to your documents is effortless, no matter what the timeframe. نادي روما اللاعبون
  • The potential for unlimited storage in the cloud with Streamed Files means you never have to worry about maxing out storage space on your office desktop or any other device. You eliminate the need for adding storage capacity just to keep important files and documents on hand in case you need to access them at some point in the future.
  • Transferring your documents is easy – you can drag and drop even large files into your own searchable library, edit and snychronize your documents and content, and put an end to endless email attachments and the hassle of dealing with easily-misplaced mobile storage devices.
  • Once you’re in the cloud with Tech Strategies’ cloud solutions, you’ll have effortless collaboration capabilities with your entire team, and anyone else you decide to include, via one easy-to-use platform.
  • The ability to share emails, files, multi-media, links, web content and comments, to sync your events and tasks, and schedule and track all activity makes it amazingly easy to manage one project, or multiple projects. In effect, you have a mobile project headquarters that goes wherever you want to take it.
  • You’ll enjoy access to all your files and documents from any device you choose; no matter what your location around the globe, you’re always connected. From your smartphone, you can search for and review content and be part of any ongoing conversation as it’s happening. With a tablet or laptop, you can edit and update documents, even while on the go, enhancing your time management.
  • You can effortlessly sync your office desktop and every other device using Streamed Files, so your business documents are always up to date and at your fingertips, no matter when and where you’re accessing them.
  • The transfer and storage of your vital files and documents are always secure thanks to Streamed Files’ built-in antivirus, paired with SSL encryption, forced HTTPS access and directory service integration.
  • With Streamed Files’ user access controls, you have an extra layer of customized security; you decide what files and documents are private, and what gets shared.
  • Tech Strategies’ Private Cloud Storage offers several plans that match a variety of needs. The plans vary by price per month, storage capacity and the desired number of users, giving you a flexible, cost-effective storage and collaboration solution that will fit your business now, and as it grows. تطبيق الماتش


  • Moving your document storage to the cloud can allow your business to increase their productivity. It offers numerous benefits such as unlimited space for storage and more. These benefits of the cloud are really helping SMBs.

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