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Google Removing Features From Free Services

With a new year comes a desire to clean up any loose ends and start fresh. In that same vein, Google has decided to close up shop on some of the less popular features on their free products. While some of the services that are disappearing are not surprising – no one really knows about Punchd, the Android app which stored loyalty punch cards on your smartphone – some of the features that are closing are a little more shocking. بطولة اوروبا 2023 After January 4, 2013, Google closed...

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Email is a critical piece of business communications

A business lives and dies by its communications and reputation. Email is a critical piece of business communications and must be executed with professionalism and reliability. No one delivers reliable business email hosting like Tech Strategies. With our hosted cloud based email service there are no upfront licensing costs nor any expensive hardware to purchase. The monthly fee remains at a set and negotiated price, preventing unwanted financial surprises. When upgrades are necessary they take...

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