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We’re excited to announce that our streaming application service is out of beta testing.  We’ve been playing around with it for over a year now, and we think this new service is pretty awesome.  Our streaming application service ( is an alternative to the regular deployment and installation of desktop applications.  It really is moving your desktop to the cloud.  Actually, we can stream your entire desktop to the cloud, though in most cases it makes more sense to stream individual applications.

Streamed Apps is essentially software as a service.  We’ll use Microsoft Office as an example.  Right now, you install Microsoft Office on all your office PC’s and you purchase a license for every computer in your office.  With our on-demand streaming application service you get Microsoft Office on the computers you need when you need it.  

 Microsoft Office is a basic example, but as a more real world scenario, take the Boys and Girls Club of Magic Valley.  They use a Member Tracking System that ran a 32-bit application on each desktop, and the data was housed on a server.  Because some of their employees telecommuted and/or worked in other offices, they needed to find a reliable and secure way to provide the information in the Member Tracking System to all those employees.  –Enter Streamed Apps–  We moved the Member Tracking System to the TSI Cloud and began streaming the application to their employees desktops and laptops.  Now where ever they are they have access to there member tracking system.  Oh, and I almost forgot….  What happens if one of the employees loses a laptop, in the previous environment, that member information would have been available to whoever found the laptop.  Now, it’s as simple as changing the password or removing access of the user to the streamed apps servers.

Give us a call (888-944-0031) and ask us about how you could get Applications Streaming to your desktop.

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