Setup Pidgin Instant Messaging Client on Windows with Kerio Connect Email Service

With the introduction of Kerio Connect 8.1, businesses can now take advantage of an integrated Instant Messaging client with their email service.  This article describes the steps to setup the Pidgin IM client on Windows, with your Kerio Connect account.

  1. Download and install Pidgin (
  2. Run the application and click Accounts – Manage Accounts – Add
  3. Select XMPP protocol from the Protocol drop down menu. 


  4. Fill in the username with the first part of your email address (the part before the @ symbol), enter your domain (the part after the @ symbol) in the domain field, enter the password, and select “Remeber Password”. 


  5. On the Advanced tab, change Connection security to “Use old-style SSL”, enter 5223 for the connect port, your mail server address in the Connect server and click add. 


  6. Start instant messaging with your co-workers!


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