Preventing Malware on Your Website

We recently had a client whose website that was hosted elsewhere came to us because their website had been marked by Google as containing and spreading malware. In the end, their website wasn’t spreading malware, but the server that their site was hosted on was. We quickly remedied the problem by moving her website to our infrastructure, double checking for any malicious code in the website and submitting a request for google to recheck their website.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your website isn’t spreading malware.

  1. Use a strong password for FTP and any content management software like WordPress or Joomla and change the passwords regularly.
  2. Use a reputable hosting company that understands the risks of malware and implements procedures to prevent the spreading of malware and malicious code in website.
  3. Utilize Google Webmaster Tools to monitor your website for malicious code and other problems with your website, you can also check your website with online tools like Norton Safe Web for checking for virus.

Prevent Malware on Your Website

Here at TSI we take security seriously and filter all traffic on our network and monitor all our services for any viruses and malware attacks. We utilize several different resources such as Sophos Virus Filtering at our edge switching and utilize Sophos and other Anti-Virus software on our servers to prevent infection on our internal network. All email traffic is checked and monitored for malware and virus infection.

If you have a concern with malware or any other security risks with your website, other services or just want some help, contact us about how our team of experts can help maintain your online presence free of malware and other security risks.

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