Planned Connect Mail Server Maintenance – Nov. 1 2013 – 10PM (MDT)

We have scheduled system maintenance for our Kerio Connect Mail Hosting infrastructure for Friday, Nov 1, 2013 – beginning at 10:00PM (MDT) and will be completed by 10:59PM (MDT).  During this window, there will be intermittent access to email on the affected servers (MX1, MX2MX3MX4, MX5 & MX6), however total down time is not expected to be more than 5-10 minutes.

This maintenace includes an update of all Kerio Connect Servers to version 8.2.  Kerio Connect 8..2 includes a handful of new features and benefits to improve performace, usability and reliability.

Some of the key new features are listed here:


Delegation allows you to grant another person, known as a delegate, the rights to manage your email box and calendar. In a typical manager – assistant scenario, the assistant can write and respond to email messages on behalf of the manager. The manager can also allow the assistant to access their calendar and send and/or respond to meeting requests on their behalf.Delegation in Kerio Connect 8.2 works with the following clients:

  • Kerio Connect client
  • Microsoft Outlook with Kerio Outlook Connector
  • Microsoft Outlook for Mac
  • Apple Calendar / Apple iCal

Improvements in Kerio Connect client

Many requested features and UI improvements in the Kerio Connect client have been implemented. Most of them further improve it’s performance and usability. Here’s a short list of the most interesting improvements:

  • Kerio Connect client now supports delegation
  • Users can now select the message preview position – right, bottom or hidden
  • The folder tree can be hidden to gain more space on the screen – ideal for tablets
  • Messages can now be sorted which makes finding a specific message much easier
  • User can now select a default calendar

Instant messaging – group chat

The previous release of Kerio Connect introduced instant messaging with native jabber (XMPP) support. Now we’ve added group chat. Set up a permanent chat room for an ongoing meeting with your colleagues, or start a group chat on the fly simply by entering their names. Need to have a private conversation? No problem. Simply lock your room with a password so you control who can get in.


In version 8.0, we introduced an anti-spam feature to prevent spoofing of local domains by enforcing authentication. We’ve now improved on this feature, to offer an additional level of identity verification by making sure that the authenticated user is sending from one of their own addresses, and not that of another user or domain.

DKIM support

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) improves the deliverability of email message by ensuring the authenticity of the sender’s domain via a digital signature placed in the message header and verified against the DNS. Kerio Connect can now insert a DKIM signature on all outgoing mail.

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