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Our Services

Business Email

The most widely used method of business communications.  You need a solution that works.  That’s why we’ve partnered with Google to offer G-Suite as the #1 business email solution on the market.  When you purchase your G-Suite through TSI, you pay the same price you’d pay when going direct, but get an added layer of expertise.

Managed Desktops

With TSI’s managed desktops, get a cloud managed PC security solution and ensure your PC is protected and always up to date to prevent malware and viruses.

Managed Networks

With TSI’s managed networks get a cloud managed firewall and network infrastructure that you know is up to date preventing malicious access and ensuring a more reliable network.

Hosted QuickBooks

With our cloud hosted QuickBooks solution, and secure easy access from anywhere you have an internet connection. Plus you and your accountant can have simultaneous access any time with multi-user simultaneous access.

Cloud Storage

Take advantage of TSI’s cloud storage solutions for access to petabytes of cloud based storage. Enable secure cloud access to your local file server and make it easier to work from anywhere while maintaining control of your infrastructure.

SSD Cloud Servers

Serve up your website or web applications faster and with lower latency, and backed by TSI’s exceptional support from any of our 18 data center locations

We believe in adding value to your business.  By engaging with Tech Strategies, you add more than just an IT service company.
Add our team to your team.

Our Brands

VentureTel is a cloud based business phone service owned by Tech Strategies. The VentureTel brand serves clients across the US and Canada, providing high quality business phone services with top tier customer care and affordable pricing.

Venture Digital is a partnership between Tech Strategies and Sales Mercenary.  Through this partnership, the Venture Digital brand is a boutique full service marketing agency, focused on performance digital marketing, and intelligent design.

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