New Feature * Basic Email Accounts

It’s hard for me to imagine doing business without my smartphone, iPad, and computer.  It’s important for me to have my calendar, contacts, and email synced between all three (oh don’t forget webmail), but we recognize that not everyone is like me.  Take for example my wife, she only wants to have her email on her computer – I’ve begged her to get an iPhone, but I’m still losing!  She prefers to use only webmail.  Then other people will only use outlook or AppleMail, and there isn’t any need to really share contacts and calendars in some situations.  THUS…. We’re excited to announce the ability to add up to 15 basic email accounts FOR FREE!!  Our new basic email account package includes 500MB of storage and POP/IMAP/WebMail access, perfect for companies that have only a few employees that need all the wonderful features that our Kerio Connect Hosting offers, and want to stay within budget.

To get your Kerio + Basic accounts, start here.

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