Make the move to the cloud

Change the way you do IT in your business.

When I first started working in information technology, we spent lots of money on mail servers, web servers, application servers, and then we spent more money to backup those servers; even small business would spend a pretty penny to implement these services in their organization and then spend even more to pay for a consultant to come in and manage those services.  This is a huge weight on small and medium businesses.

Tech Strategies focus is to help small business get this weight off their shoulders by helping them make the move to the cloud.  With TSI if it ever makes more sense to have your IT services hosted and managed in house, we’ll let you know.

We know that IT is an integral part of your business and that if your business application or web server or email is down, you can’t do business.  This is why we’ve created redundancies in our infrastructure to prevent downtime.

We have your IT services covered, whether it be email, web hosting, VoIP, or any other business applications you need to keep your business moving and growing.

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