Kerio + Outlook 2011 for Mac… Almost, but not quite

In a blog post by Kerio’s Dusan Vitek they announced the release of BETA 5 of Kerio Connect 7.2, with this introduction: 

Before we begin…

One thing is very clear to me – we have seriously underestimated the engineering effort needed to make Outlook 2011 work with Kerio Connect. You gave us a lot of grief for that, and rightly so. On behalf of Kerio, I am very sorry for the frustration we have caused to you, our loyal customers and our dedicated partners.

And now about the latest Beta 5—Well, we are not done yet. There remain a few kinks to be worked out but we are in a much better position to have a fully functional, quality product for you soon.

With that said, the release of 7.2 BETA 5 looks very promising and much closer to what Outlook 2011 users are needing.  We are anxiously awaiting the release of Kerio Connect 7.2.  Please see the entire blog post by Kerio announcing Kerio Connect 7.2 Beta 5 here.

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