Kerio Control 7.4 Released

Extend your network with VLANs traffic chartsVLANs, or Virtual Local Area Networks, are used as a means of separating a large network of computers into smaller, isolated segments, without incorporating additional switches or routers. By linking to any managed switch that supports 802.1Q VLAN tagging, Kerio Control can now use virtual interfaces (rather than costly physical interfaces) to manage access control and bandwidth policies between these virtual network segments.

Configuring VLANs in Kerio Control.

Hyper-V Virtual Appliance

New to the line-up of deployment options for Kerio Control is the virtual appliance for Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization platform. With Kerio Control 7.4 being the last major release offering long term support for the Microsoft Windows platform, the new Hyper-V virtual appliance gives Microsoft Windows admins the option to deploy the Kerio Control appliance edition on the Hypervisor and hardware they are familiar with.

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Kerio Control Web Filter Enhancements

HTTPS filtering and embedded URL filtering in the Kerio Control Web Filter service are two enhancements that address some of the most common security holes in web filters. HTTPS filtering prevents users from using secure connections as a means of bypassing web filtering rules and with embedded URL filtering Kerio Control Web Filter checks the content of embedded URLs when using services like Google Translate and anonymizers.

Kerio Control Web Filter now uses 141 categories, providing better and more granular control of the types of sites you wish to monitor or block. Administrators can now test URL categorization and suggest different categories right from the web admin interface, and users can report mis-categorized sites directly from the deny page.

Redesigned Kerio Control Statistics

StaRFormerly Kerio StaR, the new Kerio Control statistics interface has a fresh new look along with support for groups, user photos and better rights management for accessing statistics and email reports. Administrators now have the flexibility to specify which groups to gather statistics for, assign group statistics access to any user (a director or VP for example) regardless of their group membership, and even allow users to access their own statistics data or email reports. Imagine your teams’ productivity gains if they could see just how much of their internet activity you are monitoring. Now that’s powerful.

Admin Dashboard

Web Admin DashboardThe admin Dashboard, which is displayed as the default “home” screen upon login, provides admins with easy access to important system and license information, system health charts, traffic charts, connection status, bandwidth utilization, top active hosts and more. The Dashboard is completely customizable using a modular “tile” concept – admins can select which tiles to display and arrange tiles as they like on the dashboard page. Admins will also appreciate the redesigned charts and the new problem/alert notifications.

Other Improvements

  • Allowing of incoming IPv6 connections
  • Improved charts
  • Better notification of problems
  • NTLM improvements

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