Kerio Connect Server Maintenance Schedule for Friday, Feb 9, 2012

We will be performing system maintenance beginning 10PM MST on Friday, February 12, 2012.  This maintenance includes an updgrade to Kerio Connect 7.3.2.  Please continue reading to see the list of bug fixes included in this update.  This update will also require an update of the Kerio Outlook Connector for windows users using Outlook with the Kerio Outlook Connector.  



Bug Fixes

Kerio Connect
– Microsoft Entourage 2008 reported SSL warnings when trying to contact autodiscovery web service. 
– Certain IMAP clients (eg. Thunderbird) could not access default mailbox folders after change in folder sharing. 
– Fixed rare stability issues of external anti-virus process on Linux. 
– Fixed removing of temporary .emf files. 
– Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac did not sychronize some recent messages in certain situation. 
– Corrected explanation URL link in status of SPF check. 
– Microsoft Outlook could report that no invitations have been sent for a meeting created on iPhone. 
– Anti-hammering protection did not interrupt existing connections. 
– Fixed possible memory leak in Kerio Outlook Connector synchronization. 
– Debian repository URL in Kerio Connect Virtual Appliance was not up-to-date. 
– Synchronization of Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac could use huge amount of memory.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
– Fixed compatibility of SSL connections from Microsoft Outlook after installing KB2585542 update. 
– Meeting response was not sent for some meeting invitations.

Kerio WebMail
– Fixed hot-key support in Firefox 9. 
– Some draft messages were not removed from Drafts folder after sending.

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