Kerio Connect Client Released

Kerio Connect 8 introduces a new face of Kerio WebMail. The new Kerio Connect client is a complete overhaul of the previous webmail interface. We‘ve incorporated HTML5 capabilities for a richer experience that is faster, and offers better integration with the desktop environment. Now you can drag and drop multiple attachments, receive notifications when new email arrives, and quickly add recipients with email address auto-completion. We’ve also included a feedback button, giving users the ability to tell us what they’d like to see in future versions.  These new features will be available with TSI’s hosted Kerio Connect Services starting December 15th, after we run the latest update to Kerio Connect 8 the evening of December 14th.

Kerio Connect client is a brand new, beautiful web client – designed to speed up your work!


The following sections will guide you through all the features of our new interface.


Kerio Connect client with all the features described below is available in Kerio Connect 8.0 and newer.






In the Email section in Kerio Connect client you can:


  • Use fulltext search — Just type in what you need and search through messages, email addresses, subjects

  • Receive less spam — Have you received a spam message? Just click on the Spam button and Kerio Connect will remember

  • Add attachments easily — Just drag & drop an attachment into any grey area

  • Get automatic email address suggestions

  • Save drafts automatically — start a message, go to another folder and come back to finish the message

  • Customize your out of office message with text and exact time

  • Create filters to sort your messages to folders as they arrive

  • Stay on top of new messages with desktop notifications even if you are not currently working with Kerio Connect client








In the Calendar section in Kerio Connect client you can:


  • Create events in seconds — just double-click inside your calendar and create an event

  • Invite other people to your meeting

  • See immediately who’s available (Free/Busy calendar)

  • Set reminders for your events

  • Create repeated events

  • Share calendars with other people

  • See calendars that other people have shared with you








In the Contacts section in Kerio Connect client you can:


  • Create contacts easily

  • Organize contacts into groups

  • Share contacts with other people

  • See contacts that other people have shared with you








In the Tasks section in Kerio Connect client you can:


  • Create tasks and sort them into groups

  • Share task groups with other people








In the Notes section in Kerio Connect client you can:


  • Write color-coded (multi-colored) notes

  • Share notes with others

  • Send notes as email messages with one click



Kerio Connect 8

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