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Hosted Applications in the Cloud: Advantages and Disadvantages

Although cloud-based apps may not appeal to everyone, nor suit the needs of every business, the fact is, they do help businesses streamline their organization. Whether you use just Google Docs, or many different image hosting services, the cloud will enhance the way apps function.

Large conglomerates and small companies can benefit from the cloud. There are advantages and disadvantages to hosted applications. Always take these into consideration before making any decision on what is best for your company. Do ask yourself if your business is ready to support a full-scale implementation.

[tabs][tab title=”Advantages” active=”yes”]Properly used, cloud-based applications offers users these benefits:

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  • Easy to use: Businesses simply transfer any applications that they currently use daily directly to the cloud. There are no codes to learn. All you need is a device with an internet connection and you can access the cloud.
  • Easy to access: Conduct business meetings across town, or across the world. Access the cloud from any device with an internet connection, and boost the productivity of your business.
  • Saves you money: Negligible costs allow businesses to use capital for other business costs.
  • Reliable: All your data is hosted online. Any issue that comes up can quickly be dealt with before it impacts your business in any way.
  • Reduces your physical clutter: When you use the cloud you do not need to invest in a lot of hard storage devices. We do advise business owners to backup all their data onto at least one physical device; one never knows when there might be technical problems, or even a full internet outage.
  • Room for growth: It is easy to upscale or downscale your cloud resources as markets change and your business grows.


[/tab] [tab title=”Disadvantages”]

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  • Loss of control: Because you are giving a third-party cloud hosting company access to all your business information, if you have a problem and no one is immediately available to help you, you may be left waiting for help.
  • Limited functions: Some cloud services may not have the support services you need; some may not have the means to customize things to suit your needs. Those that have what you want may charge you more for their services.
  • Limited bandwidth: Cloud hosting plans offer a certain amount of bandwidth; businesses need to be extra careful not to exceed this limit, or pay a hefty price for using more.


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Key Points to Remember

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  • While cloud hosting is convenient, you will lose a bit of control.
  • Plans are affordable, but the extras you require will cost you more.
  • Cloud hosting helps you reduce your physical clutter, but it is recommended that you make at least one physical backup of your data.
  • Remote access allows users to connect from anywhere in the world.
  • As a business, you are trusting the hosting company with all your company data.


It is vital that you think about these advantages and disadvantages before implementing any cloud application. If you feel cloud hosting feels right for you and your business, feel free to write to us and learn just what the cloud can do for your business.

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