Kerio Mail Hosting Adds Free Basic Email Accounts to Email Hosting Offering‘s feature-rich email hosting offering has been improved upon to provide more value to all, by providing a mix of both basic email accounts and advanced email accounts that include syncing over the air to all smart phones including Android and iPhone, other mobile devices like the iPad, and desktop email clients like Outlook, Entourage, and AppleMail..

Basic email accounts added to Kerio Connect Hosting Accounts all for free. The feature rich Kerio Connect Hosting Accounts offer a wide range of products and services including calendars, webmail and over the air sync to smart phones. However, not all users need the features in the Kerio Connect Hosting Accounts, and this is the inspiration to this new addition.

As a response to clients demand, we have come up with a basic email account, which lacks syncing features, but has POP/IMAP and webmail. This allows businesses to sign up for Kerio Connect Hosting Accounts for employees who need its rich features and also have basic email accounts for employees who do not require the all features of the Kerio Connect Hosting Account.

This will deliver more value to our customers in a more lean and economical way for them. For instance, a business that used to sign up for 10 Kerio Connect Hosting Accounts, for $44.5, but only two employees actually need the features of the Kerio mail box can now sign up for two Kerio Connect Hosting Accounts and have the other employees setup on basic email accounts. This will cost the business $8.90 and save $35.6.

This new feature underlines our commitment to offer essential quality products and services to our customers.

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