Features of VoIP Communication that can benefit your Small Business

Smooth communication is critical to business growth and success. Traditional calling system is not only expensive but also difficult to manage. To keep up with the changing dynamics of the business world, you need a scalable and manageable calling system that has a potential to grow with your business. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is an innovative technology, which offers countless benefits to business owners. All you need is a high speed reliable internet connection for cloud communication. VoIP calling system is not only easy to manage but it also cost –effective.

Although VoIP features vary with VoIP service providers, here are some of the many features of this innovative technology which can facilitate your business growth:

1. HD Call Quality

VoIP telephones have built-in noise filters which improve signal to noise ratio and offer you HD call quality. With a reliable internet connection and large bandwidth you can enjoy seamless connectivity. Thus there are fewer chances of dropped calls in VoIP telephones than traditional phones. Moreover, in the VoIP calling system voice signals are converted into small data packets before transmission, which means reduced transmission losses.

2. Conference Calling

Conference calling is a feature of the VoIP service which allows cloud communication. It sets up a group communication network and allows multiple individuals to transmit and receive voice signals at the same time. The feature particularly benefits business owners with large-scale corporate setup. You can communicate with your coworkers from remote locations through video or audio conference calling.

3. Find-Me, Follow-Me

It is an amazing feature of VoIP phones which benefits mobile business owners. Find-Me, Follow-Me is a new technique of routing which allows you to create a list of numbers for the call to be transferred, before it goes to voicemail. For example, you can enlist your residential number and cell phone number as Find-Me, Follow-Me contact numbers, and if the incoming call fails to reach you on your office number, the call will automatically be directed to other numbers.

4. Voice Mail to Email

As most of the business owners rely on emails for transferring data, VoIP increases the feasibility for business owners through voice mail to email feature. Voice mail to email coverts voice messages into text messages and delivers these messages to you via email. Moreover, you can also sort these messages in different categories. For example, if you want to block a number, you can add it to your block list.

5. Auto Attendant

If you have a large-scale business with a number of different departments, you can avail the auto attendant feature of the VoIP calling system. Unlike traditional calling system in which you have to hire a receptionist to transfer the call to the desired extension, auto attendant allows the caller to select the desired extension from the auto generated menu. You can obviously customize the menu in accordance with your business setup.

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