Exploring the Scalability and Cost of Desktop as a Service

Are you looking for ways to revolutionize your firm’s IT infrastructure to better equip it for the modern world? You may be considering VDI, or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, as the solution. In a number of ways, this allows for greater flexibility and capacity in a business environment, but it doesn’t quite compare to the latest and greatest: DaaS, or Desktop as a Service.

DaaS is largely similar to VDI in functionality. The only thing that changes is the desktops’ location. Instead of placing them on a company-run server, you “rent” them from companies hosting them in the cloud. Not only does this ensure security and qualified staff in your desktop management, but it also provides you with two advantages. Namely, the scalability and cost of Desktop as a Service.

Let’s have a look at each advantage.

Advantage 1: Scalability of DaaS

Simply due to the nature of its system, DaaS is incredibly scalable. With traditional VDI setups, user profiles add up quickly, and capacities are quickly reached, resulting in time-consuming and costly reconsideration. And, upon removing a user, you suddenly are left with unused space. To maximize efficiency, you must maintain a constant number of users on your system.

To effectively scale VDI, you need to be able to precisely predict not just its data usage but also peak hours. If this is calculated incorrectly, you may end up with a disaster on your hands.

DaaS eliminates this problem entirely. As it is a subscription-based service, you’re never left with unused assets, always getting your money’s worth. With DaaS, updates and upgrades can be applied instantly and with relatively little cost. This is far from the pain and hassle that comes standard with VDI infrastructure. This allows your company to remain organized and flexible, even in its IT infrastructure. This is crucial to maximizing productivity, and you’ll likely see an instantaneous upgrade in efficiency.

Advantage 2: Cost of DaaS

DaaS truly is the most cost-effective solution of its kind. Physical and VDI systems simply can’t compare to its low-cost services, and overall greater efficiency allows both the host and you to save a spot of cash. DaaS simply makes more sense financially, and will save businesses large and small a good deal of cash on IT infrastructure. Additionally, you save money with every change and upgrade made. Plus, you also save on staff and training, two more otherwise costly endeavors.

Finally, don’t forget predictability. The key to subscription-based models is that you know what you’re going to pay every month, with no surprises or jumps in cost. This reliability will help ensure efficient and helpful budgeting in your firm.

Is DaaS Right for You?

As time goes on, technology advances further and further, and this allows for a great range of upgrades when it comes to IT infrastructure. DaaS is a perfect example of new technology, that more and more companies are turning to in the modern age. Its cost and scalability combine to make a juggernaut of efficiency, and any business will quickly see its benefits. If you’re still not sure whether or not DaaS is right for you, take our VDI Readiness Assessment to see whether DaaS or VDI is right for you.

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