Don’t Let An Outdated Phone System Limit Your Business Growth

Businesses are always trying to move forward with new innovations, breakthrough products and strategic business plans to outpace and outmatch the competition. As such, it is vital that organizations upgrade their business communication platforms as soon as they can before it becomes a bottleneck.

That age-old analog phone system you’re still using may be holding back your business potential for massive growth with its limiting scale and exorbitant telecom costs. When coming up with a solid business plan for 2017, think about the current state of your communication platform- does it give more trouble than help when employees are communicating across remote locations? Are your legacy PBX lines restricting your ability to add in more staff members?

The cornerstone of a successful business is its ability to expand communication lines and phone systems to accommodate its growth. In fact, it should be instrumental in paving the way for exponential growth and leverage better communication with key stakeholders, off-site staff members and new partners. As you grow, the option of adding new office locations in different states, or maybe even in international locations is possible through the use of an IP-based phone system. You’ll find it easier than ever to connect all your company locations without downsides such as having to pay for long distance charges and business continuity hiccups.

For example, you can implement a hosted PBX to maximize your IT team’s efficiency and uptime. A hosted phone system won’t require heavy maintenance or management, as a 3rd party telecom provider does it for you. This leaves your IT team free and able to focus on the more pertinent business IT matters. A cloud VoIP system provides a remarkable business benefit in enabling them to expand their phone systems almost real-time. When time comes that your business needs an expansion, or when you need to open communication lines with a remote branch, simply call your PBX host provider and they will do the rest. You can also use IP-based telephony to make the request via a computer-based, drop-down menu interface.

Enhance your business communications to live up to your business’ growth potential. Find out how hosted PBX solutions can take you there by clicking here.

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