Connect 8.1 Enhancements

Kerio Connect Instant Messaging

Have you been in a situation when you needed an immediate response from a colleague on the other side of the world? Would instant messaging have been the perfect solution but your company doesn’t have an instant messaging server?

Kerio Connect 8.1 comes with the new Kerio Connect Instant Messaging! With automatically populated contact list from GAL, you can send instant messages, share files or even hold live video and audio calls with your colleagues, instantly.

Support for Microsoft Windows 8 Mail

Kerio Connect 8.1 now supports Microsoft Windows 8 Mail which enables users to synchronize emails, calendars and contacts with the Windows 8 Mail application via Exchange ActiveSync.

Kerio Connect client enhancements (Webmail)

The redesigned Kerio Connect client introduced in Kerio Connect 8 version got even better! The new enhancements include the ability to change the background colors or setting the time after which a message is marked as read. Also appealing picture previews added to the web client interface without the need to download the pictures first!

What Next?

If you are a current hosting client then these new features will be available for you to use after our May maintenance on May 3rd. If you’re ready to get started with integrating instant messaging into your office environment and would like assistance, please open a support ticket to begin the setup process.

If you are not a current hosting client, sign up today to get started.

If our hosted solutions don’t fit your needs, contact us at 888.944.0031 to let us help find the right fit for you. We can help you run your own Kerio Connect server onsite or can provide a dedicated hosted solution.

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