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Cloud Computing Emphasizes Business Over Technology

Ask most business owners today what cloud computing is, and many will admit they have no idea what you are talking about, or what it might mean for their business. If they have heard the term, they are still unfamiliar with the process. They just see it as an overly complicated way to use current technology. In fact, most companies should prepare themselves for big changes in the way their business is conducted. Cloud computing is the wave of the future.

Understanding the technological details pertaining to cloud computing is not something most people are going to understand. By no means does this mean you cannot use cloud computing and gain from it. Think of it this way: do you know what happens when you flip a light switch? The light comes on. But, do you understand what is happening between the time you flipped the switch, until the light came on? Probably not. However, you benefit from the power of the electricity flowing through the lines. This is basically how you should think of, and understand, cloud computing.

Understanding and Appreciating the Cloud

The trick to understanding cloud computing is to understanding that the benefits are much more important than how the program works internally. Individual companies, as well as the world as a whole, only need to understand the fundamentals of cloud computing to “get it”.

What is cloud computing?

Most companies store their records on their own company hardware. Cloud computing takes the applications, data, programs, and all data resources from your on-site servers and becomes the new host for these programs. Cloud computing scales each process, allowing customers a better way to pay for the service.

How to tap into the grid.

Years ago, homeowners and businesses had to choose, design, and implement their own energy sources. Imagine if we still had to use such as system today. This would be a costly way to secure power. This is why the people joined together to create the electric grid: to offer power to homeowners and businesses at a reasonable cost.

Businesses jumped at the chance to plug into this power grid; no more did they need to worry about maintaining equipment that cost a fortune to buy, or worry about keeping a surplus of power for low production days. The economy of scale brought the price of power down to a level everyone could afford.

This is what cloud computing will do for a business: it lowers your overall costs of running your business. If viewed as a utility, with many people opting in, there will always be new advantages created and new technologies arising from this new way to conduct your business.

Advantages of Using Cloud Computing

Flexibility of Use

If all your computer programs and services are located within the cloud, you will be able to access them anywhere in the world, using any device that offers you a good internet connection.

Better IT Security

If you run your business through the cloud, you no longer have to worry about a lost or stolen laptop. All your files are password protected, and can be retrieved on any computer. You also have complete access to remove your files from the cloud – no matter where you are.

Scalability and Cost

As with any utility, with cloud computing you pay for what you use. Cloud computing has always been pretty affordable, now it is even more so. Start-up costs are super low, and usage can be scaled in seconds.

It’s all about Business

The technology behind cloud computing may seem like a foreign language, but it is nothing more than that electrical power grid mentioned earlier. It is there and it works for you when you need it to. Cloud computing is all about the advantages, solutions, and comfort it brings to you as a business owner. This is normal progress, for human and technology alike.

Adapting to change should never be an option; those who fail to change may find their business going the way of the dinosaurs.

Don’t get left behind, learn more about cloud computing and what it can do to enhance your business, get in touch with the Tech Strategies team at (888) 944-0031, or in the Twin Falls, ID area (208) 944-0031.

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