Changes in Connect Email Pricing

Recently Kerio announced additional changes to their Kerio Connect licensing model (see Kerio’s announcement here), in short Kerio has decided to add an additional licensing fee for the Exchange Active Sync (EAS) service.  This feature is a key feature for most users, and we are more than dissapointed in this move by Kerio.  This isn’t the only change in pricing for Kerio Connect in the last year.  Within the last year Kerio increased the overall per user fees for Kerio Connect and changed their support model from a free service for valid Connect licenses to a pay per incident model.  With the change in pricing for Kerio and the change in the support service from Kerio, Tech Strategies chose to keep its commitment to our clients and didn’t increase our pricing for existing users.  However this recent change in licensing from Kerio increases our costs by 20% and unfortunatly are unable to maintain the same level of support and service with out increasing our pricing for our hosted Kerio Connect service. Our price increase is only incorporating the cost of the additional charge from Kerio for the EAS licensing.  So for month to month user licenses pricing will increase by $0.15 (to $4.80/month per user for our Connect service) and for those that pay an annual subscription pricing, that price will increase by $2 (to $43.40/year per user for our Connect service).  This price increase will take effect on May 1, 2013.

For those who are concerned with this price increase, in the last six months we have begun to deploy a new email platform, with (in our opinion) a better feature set, at a more competitive price point of $40/user/year (or $4/user/month).  If you are interested in testing out and migrating to our new email service, please contact or call us at (888) 944-0031.


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