Preventing Ransomware

Ransomeware is one of the most concerning types of malware/virus attacks we see.  As a business owner, manager or employee it’s important that you be aware of how to prevent a Ransomware attack and have a plan in the event you do get hit with one. The No More Ransom organization recommends the following to prevent a ransomware attack.  After reviewing the recommendations below get in touch with us for help with recommendations #1 and #2. How to prevent a ransomware attack? Back-up! Back-up!...

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Secure Your Windows Machine By Using Standard User Accounts

A new report has confirmed what security experts have suspected for a long time: Users who have not removed administrative rights from their Windows users accounts are at risk of getting critical malware attacks. Ninety-two percent of all security vulnerabilities reported as severe by Microsoft could have been avoided if user accounts didn’t have Admin Rights. That’s according to Avecto, an enterprise-security company based in Manchester, England. roulette online Avecto further said...

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Reset your password!

When did you last reset your password?

Almost every site you use online requires the use of a password. While you might be able to read articles online without one, when you want to make a comment, it is becoming more and more likely that you will need to login to the site with a username and password. Anonymous-type comments are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Liability issues and hate speech legislation are often behind the decisions made by webmasters who now require this when setting up comment sections for their websites....

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The Yahoo Data Breach is About More Than Just Your Yahoo Account.

In 2014, 500 million yahoo accounts were hacked into and information stolen. Unfortunately the breach wasn’t reported until the fall of 2016, the company reported that a state sponsored reporter was one that was behind the attack. The information was vital and included, dates of birth, mobile numbers, names, and even email addresses.  Unfortunately more and more information is coming out still nearly 5 months after the announcement and over 2 years after the breach. At the start of August...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Cloud Desktops

The corporate world needs to be well-aware of the latest technological advancement. مباريات اليورو ٢٠٢١ One of such innovations of Information Technology which needs to be used by modern businesses to stay in touch within the various departments of the corporations is the Cloud infrastructure. Yes! This is one way of avoiding multiple computer systems in your office, the employees stay connected with each other and can share official confidential information with convenience. Well, following...

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6 Essential Tips On Network Security Planning

It is becoming challenging to safeguard the security of business information on network due to increased cyber theft. Even the most highly regarded companies like Google, Target and Evernote have not been spared. However, this does not mean that there is nothing you can do to provide network security. You need a well laid out technology plan that will give the technical support that your business requires. In the event that it fails, it is still possible to conduct network security planning...

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