Preventing Ransomware

Ransomeware is one of the most concerning types of malware/virus attacks we see.  As a business owner, manager or employee it’s important that you be aware of how to prevent a Ransomware attack and have a plan in the event you do get hit with one. The No More Ransom organization recommends the following to prevent a ransomware attack.  After reviewing the recommendations below get in touch with us for help with recommendations #1 and #2. How to prevent a ransomware attack? Back-up! Back-up!...

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Tap Into Our Resources and Expertise For Your Backup Needs

By signing up with our Sky Backups cloudr backup service, your organization can tap in to our expertise, as well as the latest technology and infrastructure. بطولات كريستيانو مع المنتخب Not only does this allow your organization’s IT staff to focus on the strategic business projects, it also gives your organization access to the best technological tools available without having to acquire them at a heavy financial cost. الجيمنج Tap into our expertise with our cloud backup services Sky Backu...

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Quick and Easy Backups

Sky Backups cloud backup provides a one-stop and easy to use solution for your organization, whether it is during normal operations or emergencies. العاب كوتشينة لشخصين Firstly, the data storage system is automatic and immediate, thus minimal staff training or assistance is required. لعبه افلام Secondly, in the case of a disaster, your organization has a wide range of control over the entire data recovery process. العاب اون لاين على النت For example, the organization can just access the Web...

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Know What Your Backup Budget Is And Should Be

The cost for Sky Backups cloud server backup solution is a monthly service fee. Compared to having to acquire separate software licenses for specific servers, there are no incurred costs for the software, backup hardware and maintenance with cloud backup. Hence, this will allow for a more predictable IT budget for your organization. Find out how much it will cost you to get started backing up with Sky Backups!

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Better Data Backup Security

An organization’s computers and servers contain and manage a lot of sensitive data. By using cloud server backup, this data is safely stored in a secure offsite location. In addition, Sky Backups cloud server backup solution will encrypt this data before any transfer and keep it encrypted at the offsite location. Such a procedure greatly enhances the data security for the organization. Secure your backups with Sky Backups Cloud Backup Service!

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Quick Data Recovery with Sky Backups

A good cloud server backup solution allows the organization to quickly retrieve its data, sometimes even within minutes. This is particularly pertinent today, given that many organizations now operate on real-time data. Moreover, a good cloud server backup solution can also help to prevent data corruption, as well as allow the organization to control the bandwidth use so as to plan and manage the data flow and workload. This will give the organization greater flexibility in meeting its Recovery...

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Sky Backups Receives 5 Stars

In a review from Software Array, Sky Backups online cloud backup service received 5 stars based on price, usability, documentation & support.  

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Reduce the Risk and Financial Cost of Downtime

Cloud server backup solutions like Sky Backups provide a comprehensive and low-cost framework that incorporates all aspects of data storage, protection and recovery. As data is now immediately transferred to an offsite location for secure storage, the organization can quickly retrieve the data from any point in time, even just before the point of interruption. With such a set-up in place, the organization greatly reduces the risk and financial consequences of downtime arising from a disaster. Reduce...

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Cloud Backups Allow For More Reliable Data Recovery

Unlike traditional data backup methods which require a nightly backup process, cloud server backup allows the automatic transfer of data for storage. In the latter situation, this means that even in the case of a sudden disaster, the organization can easily recover data which has been recently changed but also those in the open files and databases. As cloud server backup is a continuous process, the data recovery can be done with minimal effort. Be sure you have reliable backups in the cloud with...

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