Connect Hosting Maintenance Scheduled for April 11, 2014

The Heartbleed bug, which was discovered Monday, exposed a serious global vulnerability in OpenSSL 1.01. The vulnerability allows an attacker to read arbitrary data from the process memory. Kerio released Kerio Connect 8.2.4 this morning which fixed this vulnerability, our team will be testing this update over the next three days and have scheduled system maintenance on all our Kerio Connect hosting servers for Friday April 11, 2014, between 10PM and 12AM. During this time frame there may be...

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Best Practices With Hosted Email

Boost your Business Growth with Hosted Email Contrary to the perception that cloud hosted services can only benefit large and complex organizations, these services can also help SMEs expand their business. One thing entrepreneurs must understand is that subscribing to the hosted services is not a capital expense. The amount of investment varies with the number of users, applications, and tools you want to avail. how long does ivermectin take to kill demodex So it should be considered as an operating...

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Influence of VoIP Phones on Small Business Statistics

Is switching traditional phones with VoIP phones a good idea? With the increasing number of multinational organizations, reliance on wireless technology is also increasing. Gone are the days when business owners had to rely on landline phones for communication. Business owners have access to better technology now, and are always looking for improved means of communication which would allow them to make long-distance calls at reasonable rates. VoIP services provide large and small business owners...

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Features of VoIP Communication that can benefit your Small Business

Smooth communication is critical to business growth and success. Traditional calling system is not only expensive but also difficult to manage. To keep up with the changing dynamics of the business world, you need a scalable and manageable calling system that has a potential to grow with your business. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is an innovative technology, which offers countless benefits to business owners. All you need is a high speed reliable internet connection for cloud communication....

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Why Choose Tech Strategies

I was visiting with a friend the other day, and telling him about our success over the past year.  As we discussed the services Tech Strategies provides to our clients, one recurring theme came up in our conversation.  Why choose Tech Strategies over Company X, or Company Y.  They were genuine questions and good thoughts to think about. There is a lot of competition in the market for the services Tech Strategies provides, we compete with a lot of very large companies.  We believe competition in...

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Finding a Reliable VoIP Service Provider: What should you keep in mind?

One of the most amazing innovations of technology that has facilitated business owners with the ease of communication is the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calling system. Unlike traditional phones, these phones don’t require a landline connection. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a VoIP service provider. Business communication involves long distance calls and with a landline connection, long distance calls can be quite expensive. Moreover, landline connections are not reliable...

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Splendid Uptime

Been using Kerio Mail Hosting for more than 2 years now for 100 users, I must say they have splendid uptime… More than the product as well, they have very good and very responsive Support. I highly recommend Tech Strategies and Kerio Mail Hosting… -Leo Lumacang, Gracebay Club  

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personal attention and individual help is fantastic

Their personal attention and individual help is fantastic. When you call, a helpful technician actually picks up and provides excellent service. We have recommended Tech Strategies to others and they told us they were very happy with the high level of reliable service. -Chris Kutach, Accompany Partners

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