Best Practices With Hosted Email

Boost your Business Growth with Hosted Email

Contrary to the perception that cloud hosted services can only benefit large and complex organizations, these services can also help SMEs expand their business. One thing entrepreneurs must understand is that subscribing to the hosted services is not a capital expense. The amount of investment varies with the number of users, applications, and tools you want to avail. how long does ivermectin take to kill demodex So it should be considered as an operating expense. ivermectin sukl With the right choice of service provider, you can make the most of your money.

Testing, Planning and Migration- Prepare yourself for the Change

Switching from the traditional email interface to customized hosted services requires a number of pre-implementation tests and changes. Here are some of the best email hosting practices that can help you avail all the features of hosted email services:

Set up a Test Account- With a temporary domain account you can verify the compatibility of all the features. Moreover, you can also test the service quality and various performance aspects like email delivery and storage capacity etc. mectizan 3mg tablets Make sure that the service will work with your existing IT infrastructure.

Compliance Polices- A number of subscribers underestimate the importance of agreement polices, but you must carefully examine all the retention and service polices.

Storage Requirement- Unlimited storage capacity is the biggest advantage of hosted email services. However, before finalizing the service package you must analyze your usage pattern. An important factor to keep in mind is, you should always go for the package that offers you larger storage capacity than your current user base requirements.

Migration Plan- Now that you have tested the services and decided the service package, it is time to develop an inclusive migration schedule. This will include mapping of active accounts and transferring of users’ database.

Workflow- Develop an execution plan to manage implementation procedures and workflow.

What to look for:

You should go with a service provider who offers the following features:

Unlimited Storage- With limitless storage capacity you can keep the record of all your business dealings and important information.

Synchronization- This feature allows users to synchronize all their reminders and calendars with portable gadgets like mobile phone.

Anti-Virus- Filters all spam mails, and prevents your information from intrusion attacks.

Secure Access- This reduces the risk of data theft and information loss. Choose a service provider that offers access via SSL or TLS.

Questions to be asked

Ask the following questions from the service provider to make sure that you are investing in the right direction:

  • Are client servers dedicated?
  • What is the limit of attachment size?
  • What is the incident response?
  • What is email delivery latency?
  • Will host server confirm the email delivery?
  • Is the email interface compatible with all operating systems?
  • Are there backup servers?
  • Is there any data retrieval plan (in case of disasters or outages)?

Make sure that the service provider has the right amount of experience and offers reliable services.

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