Advantages to Choosing’s Hosted Phone Service Over PBX Phones

If your small business is currently looking for a new cloud based VOIP service, you might want to consider some of the following advantages you will gain when implementing a new hosted VOIP system.


Cost and Configuration

Phone systems that are part of the IP network are a lot easier to install and configure than their PBX counterparts are. Since most of the IP PBX or hosted VOIP systems can easily be configured with nothing more than a computer and software applications, you can be up and running in no time.

The PBX system doesn’t come close to the costs of the hosted VOIP systems.’s hosted phone service allows both phones and the Internet to use a single cable, which saves on the cost of cabling while expanding upon what the PBX systems did in creating a connection that runs throughout the office.

Organizations that have more than one office, international calling requirements and employees telecommuting will have a lot more flexibility with’s hosted phone service. Devices are connected together and office extensions all can be accessed with a laptop from anywhere you choose without having to pay anything more out of pocket. Long distance charges are a thing of the past with this new small business VOIP service.


Perhaps one of the biggest strategic advantages of moving to a hosted VOIP service is the capability to have a mobile workforce. Considering how accessible the Internet is, hosted VOIP phone service and other mediums of communication are all being facilitated by the Internet. All of a sudden, data networks, computer systems and voice are working on a single platform.

Beyond being cost effective, strategic advantages are becoming more of a reality, which allow you to:

  • Coordinate all of the phones in the office, pagers and cells to determine how you want to be available
  • Join email and voice messages to make them storable
  • Mirror the office phone on the computer by a simple application. Use the same extensions and phone numbers from anywhere.
  • Gather information on availability of staff members and know which device to use for contacting them before making the call.
  • Automatically route calls to the most qualified individual.
  • Update the software to save on any hardware refreshes.

When using’s hosted phone service, you have access to a greater level of messaging and calls. Many business executives end up wasting hours every week just trying to respond and prioritize all of the messages they receive.

By switching from your old system and stepping into a platform with hosted VOIP technology, you can harness the power of computer applications and a data network and transform it to voice communication. When you consider the power of networking and the extent of the Internet, you begin realizing the list of what a hosted VOIP system cannot do is relatively minimal. For the majority of the organizations, moving from the PBX system to’s hosted phone service is not a question of if, but more of when it is going to happen.

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