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A Look at Why Telecommuting is Crucial and How The Cloud Contributes to it

Just a few decades ago, telecommuting was virtually unheard of in business offices. After all, employees who worked from home not only couldn’t answer the business phone service, which was crucial before the internet, but they also had limited access to files, documents, etc.

Now, fast forward to 2016, when more and more U.S. offices, particularly those that are considered highly successful, are opting to downsize and thin out how many people actually come to the office each day. The reason why is simple. It cuts down on cost and increases efficiency, which are crucial for success in the business world. In fact, the number of people who commuted in 2015 was 4 times greater than it was just 20 years before, in 1995.

Your Biggest Competitors are Telecommuting

Thanks to the availability of the newest technologies, such VoIP and cloud hosting, many of your competitors have turned to telecommuting. Not only does it save them money, but it also increases productivity and allows them to target potential top talent who do not live near the actual business or simply prefer a position that allows them great flexibility.

Here’s the bottom line – telecommuting is an unstoppable trend that will only grow continue to grow in popularity, thanks to the benefits it offers both companies and employees.

Do You Want to be “That Company” that is Way Behind the Times?

Of course, you have the option of being the owner/ boss who says, “It’s not going to happen. Here, we play by my rules which means everyone that works here has to come here.” Unfortunately, you’re only setting yourself up for future headaches. How? Easy, you’re saying goodbye to the most skilled employees in your field who prefer flexibility, don’t live nearby and have no desire to move, and know their skills are valuable enough that other companies will offer than a telecommuting position. Essentially, you’re setting yourself up for a number of employees who simply aren’t at the top of the talent pool.

Are you worried and also wondering how your competitors are pulling telecommuting off? Here’s how at the most basic technologies needed for telecommuting employees.

The Keys to Telecommuting Success

Desktop PCs with Virtualized Desktops

Yes, everyone loves how portable a laptop is, but when it comes to work, a desktop PC is more effective, especially those equipped with larger monitors and screens. Desktops allow employees to work at home without sacrificing productivity or damaging their health, such as when you can barely move your neck after a long day of looking down at a screen. If you’re working from home or encourage your employees to telecommute, a desktop is a good investment.

Using a virtual desktop gives employees the opportunity to access work programs from anywhere, on any device, without compromising your data’s security. Plus, it keeps employees from being responsible for files on flash drives or installing programs on their home computer for work.

Web Conferencing Software

There are times when the ability to see another person face-to-face is important, which is where video conferencing software comes in. Using this software, one-on-ones are an option with other employees, supervisors, and even clients. As an added bonus, they offer an excellent opportunity for routine meetings to discuss projects and maintain a sense of togetherness.

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

If telecommuting employees don’t have a plan in place for taking phone calls, it’ll eventually hurt your company’s professionalism. VoIP is the answer; it allows employees to make and receive phone calls using the office phone number. Dependent upon an internet connection to work, it’s both incredibly flexible and highly cost-effective.

There are several more advantages of VoIP, including allowing employees to transfer phone calls to others, put people on hold, and juggle multiple calls at the same time. You can even find systems that have video conferencing capabilities, which was discussed above

Cloud Based Services

Are you a little unsure of how VoIP works? The simplest, most effective and easy to maintain way is through cloud VoIP. Your host is responsible for housing the system and configuring and maintaining the phone systems, as well as storing data and equipment.

Why You Need a Local Cloud Service Provider

There are tons of cloud storage providers online that are located all over the world. However, before you pick one, here’s something you need to know. Go local!

Using a local cloud storage provider almost always results in better support because you are able to form a relationship with a real person, who is nearby, instead of someone thousands of miles away. In addition, they are able to offer hands-on support, if needed, while the slightly cheaper provider 4,000 miles is highly unlikely to be able to offer the same service.

Are you ready to give telecommuting a try?

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