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6 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Business Phones For The New Year

All right then, you’ve completed your personal shopping (hopefully). Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone in the last month. As a business owner, it’s time to purchase something that will benefit your employees and your business. Something that can revolutionize your communication system and give you an edge on your competition in the coming year. Upgrade your phone system to a Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP solution.

If this is something you have already considered, then now is the perfect opportunity to get it accomplished. Switching your current system to a hosted VoIP is easy to complete in just one day in many cases. RingMe.io is the best choice to for you to make this switch to a VoIP and here is why:

1) Begin the New Year With An Edge

If your Business Resolutions are to increase your capabilities and service customers more effectively, get started now. Our VoIP system is cloud-hosted, which means that we perform all of the management and the equipment we install in your business is minimal. اللاعب ايدين هازارد You won’t need another server room or anything like that. We’ll have you ready to go with plenty of time and opportunity to learn about your new tech before 2016 arrives.

2) Immediate Savings

RingMe.io customers have saved anywhere from 30% to 60% on their monthly communication bill. This results in quick savings to our customers, which allows them to adjust their budgets accordingly and we can do the same for you. This is just the equipment savings and doesn’t even include what results from increased efficiency from changing over to a VoIP system.

3) No Annual Contracts Or Service Calls

RingMe.io does not require long-term contracts. We know you’re going to love your VoIP system and have no reason to trap you into an annual commitment. مايسترو اون لاين We also know that you won’t waste time calling us to come and fix something. مواقع تقبل باي بال In most cases, we’ll use a small number of adapter units (sometimes only one) that plug directly into your existing phones and routers. There is no tangle of wires to have to unthread. If you do have a problem, we replace the unit and perform any repairs in our facilities.

4) Time To Learn

In the next few weeks before New Year’s, every business is going to find itself with some downtime or at least some slower days. This is the perfect opportunity to switch to a RingMe.io system. Our VoIP does not require training for basic telephone calls and employees can begin to learn about their new Virtual Receptionist, learn the ins and outs of their new phones, integrate their voicemail and other business tools they already use and start using their user portal immediately. Each employee will have their own password-protected access to the User Portal so they can log-in through their own devices and learn at their leisure over the holidays, if they wish to.

5) Improved Tools For Teleworkers

One of the best plug and play options our system offers is creating an office environment for your teleworkers at home and on the go in 2016. Anyone with an office phone can plug it into their internet at home with no loss of access. They can also take full advantage of our RingMe.io customized Mobile Apps and Mobile Friendly features like Voicemail to Email and Simultaneous Ring.

6) Make Your Sales Team Happier And Faster

Our Apps and Friendly Features also support your sales team in the field. If you choose the option, sales people can use their personal phones just like an office phone. They will have full access to every aspect of the company VoIP phone system and their calls to clients will show up on Caller ID as being from your company and not a personal phone. The feature that your sales people will enjoy the most is that when they are using the office phone system, any calls will not be deducted from their personal minutes or data plan.

All excellent reasons, right? Then why wait another day? Contact us now to begin the switch to a hosted VoIP phone system that will reduce your costs and increase sales and productivity. This is the perfect time to make the change and leap ahead into 2016 before your competition can even get to the starting line.

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