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6 Essential Tips On Network Security Planning

It is becoming challenging to safeguard the security of business information on network due to increased cyber theft. Even the most highly regarded companies like Google, Target and Evernote have not been spared. However, this does not mean that there is nothing you can do to provide network security. You need a well laid out technology plan that will give the technical support that your business requires. In the event that it fails, it is still possible to conduct network security planning beforehand to reduce any potential damage. The following tips will help you to achieve this.

1. Educate your employees on basic IT Knowledge

Sometimes the problem could be due to lack of IT knowledge among employees. A good company should therefore take the initiative to train its workers on the best IT practices to prevent information breach by learning how to manage both IT equipment and information.

2. Provide restriction to information

Any information that is considered private and confidential should only be exposed when there is urgent need. Otherwise, its access should be restricted by all means to avoid leaking out of information by untrustworthy people. This therefore prevents information misuse. It also enables you to detect any problem.

In addition, password should not be given to every employee because this will give chance to hack into the system without authorization hence posing a threat to network security. You may want to seek the services of an IT consultant who will advise you on the appropriate measures to take e.g. use of different passwords, setting up Daas Solutions or VDI for flexibility and proper control.

3. Protect your information system from unauthorized people

Do not run your business on wireless connections that are unsecured because this might expose your data to cyber thugs. You should also be careful with IT service providers and contractors you hire to provide technical support to your system hence getting a chance to access it. Just ensure that they do exactly what they have been invited to do and stop any further access once they leave. You may consider hiring an IT expert instead of relying on IT consultants to lessen on security breach. A strict network policy should be formulated and adhered to by both the contractors and vendors. This should be part of network security planning.

4. Form a Bring Your Own Device Plan (BYOD)

As much as your employees may be free to connect their own personal computing devices to your corporate network, you need to create a plan that will regulate this. They should not excessively use the system’s data on their devices because this will create security problems to your company information. Adjust the BYOD plan in manner that will work in favor of the company.

5. Have disaster plan

Ensure that you have disaster work plan to help you go about security breach problem in case it arises to prevent unnecessary panic .The plan should clearly outline appropriate actions to be taken in response to the problem. You may allow the breach to go on for while so that you can learn more about the attacker and what is at risk.

In addition, have proper guidelines for public communication after the incident. Manage the company’s reputation and let your customers know the extent of risk.

6. Conduct system maintenance

A poorly maintained system is highly susceptible to hacking. This is usually brought about by failure to regularly update computer programs and the use of obsolete equipment. This can be prevented by carrying out updates, security scans, checking equipment and many more on daily basis.

You are advised to employ the use of human monitoring system. This makes it easier to identify and analyze any warning signs of security threat for an action to be taken immediately to avert the problem. These warning signs may include sudden difficulty in logging in to an account and irregularities to do with network reliability.


In conclusion, it is quite clear that indeed we can prevent threats to network security and ward off any breach. Besides, prevention is better than cure. By applying the above tips, this can be achieved successfully.

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