Month: November 2012

The Right Decision

In our mind, we made the right decision in choosing Tech Strategies as our associated IT service company. They offered us services we didn’t even realize existed, and in a matter of weeks increased our revenue substantially. -Sharlynn VanTassell, Elusive Natural Solutions

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Efficient & Great Communication

The completion of our project was very time efficient, but aside from the quick setup and installation, we are also very impressed by the constant communication offered by TSI in all aspects of their services. -Sharlynn VanTassell, Elusive Natural Solutions

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Tech Strategies offers Effective Business IT Solutions

The recent association between Elusive Natural Solutions (ENS) and Tech Strategies (TSI) resulted in a substantial increase in revenue and in customer service for ENS. Tech Strategies, a computer services company offering Cloud IT services and technology to small, medium and large sized businesses was contacted in October of 2012 and asked to help implement a productive website and other business IT solutions for this non-invasive liposuction clinic.

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Email is a critical piece of business communications

A business lives and dies by its communications and reputation. Email is a critical piece of business communications and must be executed with professionalism and reliability. No one delivers reliable business email hosting like Tech Strategies. With our hosted cloud based email service there are no upfront licensing costs nor any expensive hardware to purchase. The monthly fee remains at a set and negotiated price, preventing unwanted financial surprises. When upgrades are necessary they take...

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Private Cloud Storage

Having a private cloud storage solution can give you the advantage when it comes to managing your most important files and documents. But having this access means little if you’re unable to keep files in the cloud updated and current. Kerio Workspace Hosting allows you to sync your desktop with private cloud storage, ensuring up-to-date management of the documents and files you use most. Documents located on your desktop are made available from any computer at any time, from almost any device....

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Phone System in the Cloud

Our hosted VoIP service can provide you with the same functionality as an on-site system at a lower price. Since there is no equipment that needs to be purchased and installed, you incur fewer start-up costs. Similarly, there being no on-site equipment means that you are spared the expense of maintaining and upgrading your phone systems. Instead, those responsibilities are moved over to Tech Strategies, we’re experts and by moving to the cloud you get the price advantage of the concentration...

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Kerio Control 7.4 Released

VLANs, or Virtual Local Area Networks, are used as a means of separating a large network of computers into smaller, isolated segments, without incorporating additional switches or routers. By linking to any managed switch that supports 802.1Q VLAN tagging, Kerio Control can now use virtual interfaces (rather than costly physical interfaces) to manage access control and bandwidth policies between these virtual network segments. Configuring VLANs in Kerio Control. Hyper-V Virtual Appliance New...

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Preventing Malware on Your Website

We recently had a client whose website that was hosted elsewhere came to us because their website had been marked by Google as containing and spreading malware. In the end, their website wasn’t spreading malware, but the server that their site was hosted on was. We quickly remedied the problem by moving her website to our infrastructure, double checking for any malicious code in the website and submitting a request for google to recheck their website. Here are a few things you can do to...

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