Month: December 2011

Protecting Yourself Against Smartphone Security Risks

Most smartphone users today are oblivious to the extent that they are exposing their personal and confidential information to certain risks when using their smartphones. According to a recent survey by the Ponemon Institute on smartphone use by U.S. consumers, 89% of the respondents use their smartphone for personal email and 82% use it for business email as well. A smaller percentage of the respondents also use their smartphone for online shopping and banking. Hence, the growing integration of...

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Offsite Cloud Backup Provides Better Security Against Physical Damage

No matter how meticulously maintained your onsite data protection system can be, there is always the risk of physical damage to the system which will mean the loss of all critical data in a single moment. The subsequent time and money spent to recover the data only exacerbates the nightmare. Hence, by having an offsite cloud server backup, the data is automatically transferred somewhere else where there is no risk of physical damage. This will also make it easy for the organization to recover...

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Smartphones – Security Risks and Counter Measures

In the thrill of getting a new smartphone, many of us often forget or overlook the importance of data security. However, this is a particularly pertinent issue since most of us use the smartphone for both work and personal purposes. In the event of the data being hacked into, this would mean the invasion of personal privacy or even the loss of sensitive confidential work-related information. According to a recent survey by the Ponemon Institute, commissioned by AVG Technologies, on smartphone...

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Cloud Backup Improves IT Productivity

The traditional way of relying on tapes for data backup is a tedious and time-consuming process. Because of this, the organization’s IT staff has to spend much time and effort on maintenance matters such as monitoring manual backups, reviewing logs and troubleshooting, often at the expense of more strategic business projects. العاب زوجى Therefore, with cloud server backup automatically taking on such functions in a standardized manner throughout the organization, the IT staff can now focus on...

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Why Backup To The Cloud?

Regardless of the size of an organization, it is always important to protect the information that is crucial for the organization’s survival. اسماء اوراق الكوتشينة Because of this, more and more organizations are now utilizing cloud backup solutions such as Sky Backups to protect their data. In order to help organizations in this area, Sky Backups cloud solutions are increasingly being adopted to allow the automatic storage of data offsite for subsequent recovery after a disaster. كوره ع النت...

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Schedule Out of Office Replies

Be professional with Kerio Connect 7.3 and’s Email Hosting Service, you can now specify the precise time period (date and time) for Out of Office messages in WebMail, Kerio Outlook Connector and other client applications. No more forgetting to turn off your Out Of Office message.

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Sync Your Mac With Kerio Connect

It’s now easier than ever to sync your Mac with Kerio Connect.  The release of Kerio Connect 7.3 includes a new auto configuration tool for Apple Mail and to help make client configuration for the Mac even easier, all of the auto configuration tools for Apple Mail, iCal, Address Book, Microsoft Outlook and Entourage have been unified into a single tool – the Account Assistant for Mac OS X. Be sure you’re syncing your mac with our Kerio Connect Email Hosting Service, to ensure...

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Kerio Connect + Great SPAM Control

We’re at it again!  We’re always trying to make our services better, and we think we’ve done it!  We’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with Barracuda Networks to improve our SPAM filtering service!  

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